Les Vins

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When I make my wines, I constantly strive to fully preserve their natural qualities, authenticity and quintessential character stemming from my vineyard and this outstanding terroir.

My winemaking techniques therefore favour the intrinsic expression of my grapes alone.

There is no room for high-tech winemaking in my cellar, but rather the art of winemaking in its original state of simplicity with no, or very few winemaking inputs and minimal use of sulphur for example.

Nature follows its course and the wine is made slowly, following the rhythm of the seasons.

I grow wine according to my own blueprint. I accompany, oversee and occasionally protect my wines. But I never force them to be different to their deep-rooted nature – more aromatic or more tannic for instance.

Transparency guides every stage of the process which is scrupulously written down to ensure that each operation – from harvesting and winemaking to maturation and bottling – is fully tracked.

My wines are now sold in many parts of France and exported across the globe, particularly in Europe (Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italia, Poland, Switzerland…), but also on the other side of the Atlantic (USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala) and in the Far East (Japan, Taiwan).