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High Environmental Value

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As you know, I have constantly endeavoured to farm my vines and producequality wines with an environmental footprint that is as positive as possible.

To achieve this, I have introduced and long experimented with clean and rational winemaking techniques.

It seemed obvious to me that HVE 3 certification (High Environmental Value), the highest and most demanding endorsement for agricultural ecology, could recognise and formalise my commitment.

A recent audit showed that TERRES FALMET easily meets all the criteria for certification and is therefore now officially certified ‘High Environmental Value Level 3’.

It recognises the ethical environmental practices I have been using for many years: minimal use of treatments and fertilisers; conservation of water resources; and development of habitats for wildlife for instance.

The certification also confirms the extremely high level of biodiversity in my vineyard, including grass cover, scrubland, hedges and insects.

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Certificat HVE 3